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November 28, 2006


You realize that this is a test - just a test - to help prepare you for parenthood one day. Are you hearing the universe's message?

Aw! Don't dis Franky Wanky.

And keep in mind, his nails will only get sharper too.


Oh my goodness, I am so excited you have a kitten! And since you and your kitten are MILES away from me, this level of excitement sort of scares me and totally explains why the Boy gently suggested we NOT get a kitten.

However, he is absolutely adorable and just happens to be my very favorite kitty color.

The bitey is just a phase, I promise. My mom has the bitiest kitten ever right now. When I was home for Thanksgiving she bit my cheek, my ear, my fingers, my nose, oh man.. bitey. It's a phase, though, a playing, teething kind of phase.

That said, my all-grown-up kitty did bite my left eyebrow this morning. It was a Wake the hell up and give me attention! kind of bite. He also gets competitive with the make up in the mornings and bites my elbow... but it's all nothing like kitten bites, I promise!

Obviously I have a lot to say on the subject of cats...

I love his drapey paws...

He's a baby-kitty, doing all the things baby kitty do. They pounce, the nip/bite (he's teething), he's doing the kitty things. Yes, it's wrong to want him to be a cat right now. It's like having a newborn human and wanting it to be at some other developmental stage (e.g., a toddler) when it only 1 month old. Be patient, New cat-Mom

my advice: be grateful for what you have. i have a young cat that acts like a kitten, very pouncy, very bitey. gradually she stopped her kitten-like ways.. then i found out she was dying of a blood parasite. a blood transfusion and a lot of meds later, she's back to her bitey, clawful self.. and i'm glad for it.

That's the cutest picture up there, Claire! I love it!

How's little bitey today?

Claire and Frank have totally pair-bonded. He mews whenever she leaves the room. I feel like weekend-dad. I play with him for about and hour and then go back to my room.

Sorry I accidently kicked him today, Claire. Actually, I sort of punted him across the floor. I was scared shitless that I might one day sit on him or step on him, because he is TOO TINY. And then I did it. And I screamed when I did it, which freaked him out even more.

We have a kitten, Jack. He's about 4 months old. When he was new, about 7 weeks old, when we first got him. I woke up in the morning and he was sound asleep, curled up in a little puff ball right next to my face on my pillow. Literally, 5" in diamter! So, so cute.

Now, he's a toddler. And I accidentally drop kicked him across the floor a couple of days ago. He went running under the bed. I felt so guilty!

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